A good office location is one of the keys to a successful business operation and the overall growth of your company. After hearing about your needs we will suggest you the most suitable location for your office.


Wasai provides high quality office design based on your needs and wants.

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    Design Layout

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    Quotation Approval

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    Tone & Material

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  • In this step we will listen to your company's needs and gather information to ensure that your company gets an office design that suits its needs and ideals.

  • Based on your extended information we will design a suitable office with great aesthetics and functionality.

  • We will send you a complete list of the cost details for the project and revise them if necessary.

  • Choose the colours and materials that reflects your company's culture.

  • Our project schedule will assure you that everything will be completed on time.

  • With years of experience in construction, we can ensure that our construction process will be efficient.

  • Our team will ensure that the quality of environment, material, and durability is up to standard prior to the handover.


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    We use our original high quality Wooden Floor System to allow a clean, wire-free floor that can be finely adjusted to fit any office.

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    Wasai suggests partitioning your office space with gypsum boards for its ease of maintenance.

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    We create safe, cable-free offices by combining the Wooden Floor System and intuitive cabling system within the walls and the floor.

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    We have our own workshop with Japanese standard quality materials and services to supply the custom needs of your office interior.